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These companies have demonstrated to EVCC that they are committed to consumer protection, high standards and good practice.



myenergi Ltd - myenergi is a British company working in the electric vehicle charging and domestic renewable energy space and looking to change the world through their green technology, to create a kinder and more sustainable future. They are the manufacturer of the eco-smart EV charger - the zappi, as well as the eddi, harvi and the myenergi hub, all built here in the UK. They have supplied tens of thousands of homes and businesses globally with their smart devices, giving consumers the power to control their home’s flow of energy. Surplus energy from renewable energy systems can be used by myenergi's devices to charge your vehicle or heat your home. To find out more about myenergi and their products visit their website here.

GARO Electric

GARO Electric is a UK EV charging provider and part of the long established GARO Group. The company’s Nordic counterparts are market leaders in the region due to their extensive history, knowledge and expertise in this space. GARO offer a range of wall mounted chargers to UK consumers through electrical wholesalers and approved installers. All GARO charging stations are manufactured in Europe, resulting in immediate stock availability, quality production and speedy timeframes. All GARO chargers incorporate a stylish design that can be placed both indoors and outdoors at home or work, smart functionality and a simple charging procedure with built-in protection for personal safety. A three-year warranty is standard across the range and all products installed by approved contractors are supported by our technical service engineers. GARO are committed to providing a high quality product that consumers and contractors can trust and depend on.  To find out more about GARO and their products visit their website here.


INDRA was founded on a mission to create the smartest way to power EVs, through intelligent EV chargers that are easy to understand, install and use. Made in the UK and already installed in over 4,000 home and commercial locations worldwide, INDRA has created a range of innovative EV Chargers that offer more convenient, reliable and faster EV Charging capability. For more information, visit INDRA's website.