Information for Consumers

Electric Vehicle Consumer Code

Five reasons to choose an EVCC member to install your home chargepoint:


      1. Confidence in your installer 

EVCC members are reputable, competent and qualified installers who will install your home chargepoint to a high standard

      2. Highest standards of customer service 

You will not be pressurised into a sale and will be dealt with politely and quickly. 

      3. Safeguard your purchase 

You will receive clear and fair paperwork, with all the relevant protections. 

      4. A considered design and personal service 

You will receive a site survey to check the adequacy of your property, as well as help with deciding on a suitable location for your chargepoint 

      5. Help should things go wrong 

You will have the reassurance that any complaints should be resolved speedily and effectively 

REAL has developed the Code to ensure you know what to expect when getting an EV chargepoint for your home. Make sure you follow the read the Top Tips and our Guidance for Consumers found here. You will then have the comfort of knowing that you have done the necessary preparation and asked the right questions before you sign a contract. In this way you will not be 'taken for a ride' and you should end up with the home chargepoint that is suitable for your situation and your needs, at a reasonable, competitive and transparent price.

Top Tips

If you are considering buying an EV and installing a chargepoint at your home, here are some quick pointers to start with:

  • Make sure you get at least 3 quotes before deciding to contract with a business. You should feel free to discuss any quotations you receive with a trusted family member or friend, and take the time to compare the quotations with information available from independent sources (see page on Grants, Guidance and useful Links).
  • Before you sign a contract or pay a deposit make sure you read and understand all the information carefully; ask for clarification if you don’t.
  • Read the Code before you sign a contract and make sure the business has complied with its requirements in its dealings with you. If they have not you should ask them why not. Some of the most important sections of the Code concern misleading advertising, and high-pressure sales techniques.
  • Only approach companies listed on the EVCC website: Use our site to find a member in your area before signing a contract, or to check if your current supplier is a member.
  • If you are looking for access to any grants, check that the business is appropriately authorised and you meet the eligibility criteria before signing a contract.

See the Grants, Guidance and Useful Links page for consumers for further advice on EVs and EV home chargepoints.


Find a list of current EVCC members here.