Information for Consumers

Electric Vehicle Consumer Code

Five reasons to choose an EVCC member to install your home chargepoint:


      1. Confidence in your installer 

EVCC members are reputable, competent and qualified installers who will install your home chargepoint to a high standard

      2. Highest standards of customer service 

You will not be pressurised into a sale and will be dealt with politely and quickly. 

      3. Safeguard your purchase 

You will receive clear and fair paperwork, with all the relevant protections. 

      4. A considered design and personal service 

You will receive a site survey to check the adequacy of your property, as well as help with deciding on a suitable location for your chargepoint 

      5. Help should things go wrong 

You will have the reassurance that any complaints should be resolved speedily and effectively 

What to expect from an EVCC Member

REAL has developed the Code to ensure you know what to expect when getting an EV chargepoint for your home. Make sure you follow the read our Top Tips and Guidance for Consumers.

You will then have the comfort of knowing that you have done the necessary preparation and asked the right questions before you sign a contract. In this way you should end up with a chargepoint that is suitable for you and your needs, at a reasonable, competitive and transparent price.

What to expect

Sales and marketing

  • EVCC members should always deal with you in a courteous, constructive and prompt manner.

They should show you evidence of their identification before they enter your home, including their name and job title.

  • EVCC members should not use any selling techniques designed to pressurise

They should always give you time to think about what you are buying and not pressurise you into making an immediate decision, for example, by offering a discount for signing on the spot, or claiming there is limited availability of a product which means you have to order quickly.

  • Goods and services should be fit for purpose and performed with care and skill

You have the right to expect that any goods they supply will work properly and be fit for their purpose, and that all services will be performed with reasonable care and skill.

  • EVCC members must provide you with all the information you need to help you make the right choice for you

On the basis that you might not be an expert in EV chargepoints, EVCC members must provide you with all the information necessary to help you choose the most suitable chargepoint for you. They should clearly explain how a product will work and benefit you, and how you can get the best from it.

  • Their advertising must be legal, honest, decent and true

Any advertising materials they show you, including anything you see on their website or social media pages, must be legal, honest, decent and true; information provided and claims made must not be ambiguous or misleading.

Pre contract

  • EVCC members must carry out a site survey before you sign a contract

They must have carried out a site survey  and an assessment of the suitability of your property for a chargepoint, including the adequacy of our electricity supply, before you sign up to anything. This survey may be undertaken remotely providing this allows them to get all the information they need.

  • Key information must be given to you in writing

Before you sign a contract, EVCC members must give you key information in writing, which should be left with you after the visit, including:

  • a detailed quotation
  • technical and other information set out in the IET Code of Practice
  • information about EVCC


  • EVCC members must give you a written contract

Your contract should include clear and accurate information about your rights to cancel and all other applicable terms and conditions. You should not agree a contract which is not in writing, and you should never be asked to pay a deposit before you have signed a contract.

  • EVCC members should never take more than 15% deposit and this should be protected

EVCC members should not ask you to pay a deposit that represents more than 15% of the overall cost of the contract. If you have not paid a deposit using a credit card, they must demonstrate that they have protected your deposit, so that should their business become insolvent or cease to trade before the contract is complete, the deposit can returned or the contract can be completed by another installer.

Post install

  • EVCC members must notify the relevant DNO of your chargepoint installation

They must provide evidence to you that they notified the relevant District Network Opertaor (DNO) of your installation (notification must be done either before or after the install depending on the results of the maximum demand assessment; your installer will be able to advise you on the notification requirements).

  • EVCC members must provide you with a workmanship warranty which should be protected in case they cease trading

They must provide you with a guarantee of their workmanship for a minimum of 3 years and must ensure that they have arrangements in place such that, if they should become insolvent or cease to trade during the term of this guarantee, you will have redress should workmanship problems arise.

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