If you have signed a contract with an EVCC member and you are not happy with how something has been done, you should first raise the matter with the member in writing and give them a fair opportunity to resolve it.

If you not satisfied with how our member has handled your complaint, you can direct your complaint to us for help in trying to resolve the matter.

To register a complaint, please complete a Complaints Registration Form found below. Once completed, please return it to us by email to info@electric-vehicle.org.uk, or by post to EVCC Dispute Resolution Team, Brettenham House, 2-19 Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7EN. 

We aim to process Complaint Registration Forms within 3 working days of receipt; if we think the issue(s) you are experiencing is beyond the remit of our dispute resolution process, we will let you know as soon as we can.

It is important that you read our Dispute Resolution Process document here, before you register a complaint with us.

Please note, we can only accept complaints in English. We accept domestic and cross border complaints from consumers or complainants acting on their behalf.

Download the Complaints Registration Form here