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EV Roam Launches in Republic of Ireland

General Posted: 19 December, 2023. Written by Anthony Sammie



EV Roam is now open to Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Service Providers (MSPs) who do business in Republic of Ireland. The register is the only ID Registration Organisation currently in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

This system works by issuing CPOs and MSPs with unique IDs for their charging stations and contracts, which helps to ensure that charging stations can be located throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. It also assists with ensuring drivers receive the right payment settlements.

EV Roam issues MSPs and CPOs with a unique 5-character ID in the agreed format. They in turn use these IDs to create longer, individual identifiers for each MSP customer contract and for each chargepoint, charge station and/or charge pool operated by the CPO. The MSPs and CPOs can therefore exchange data using these unique identifiers.

The data exchange comprises:

  • Before charging – information about the locations and availability of a chargepoint
  • During charging - information about the status of the charge session in real time
  • After charging – information about the customer’s charging session to allow the MSP to bill the customer correctly.

Lorraine Haskell, Head of Membership Services said:

It is exciting that EV Roam has launched its service in Republic of Ireland. We are committed to expanding and ensuring as many CPOs and MSPs get on board to allow for easier data sharing so that more drivers can access charging stations in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This is the culmination of much discussion, and we look forward to operating in both jurisdictions as well as enhancing the EV landscape overall.”

CPOs and MSPs interested in registering an ID with EV Roam can fill out a registration form here.