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EVCC announces partnership with INDRA

General Posted: 3 August, 2021. Written by Will Stevens

INDRA will become the Electric Vehicle Consumer Code for Home Chargepoints’ (EVCC) newest Affiliate;

By becoming an EVCC Affiliate, INDRA is demonstrating its continued commitment to consumer protection, high standards and good practice;

In return, INDRA will receive access to EVCC provided products, services and training.
The EVCC has announced that INDRA has become the latest Affiliate of the Code. By becoming an Affiliate of EVCC, INDRA is demonstrating its commitment to working with its supply chain to ensure its installers meet the high consumer protection standards required by the Code.
INDRA is an innovative EV charger manufacturer, on a mission to create the smartest way to power EVs, through intelligent chargers that are easy to understand, install and use. The EVCC brand leaves consumers safe in the knowledge that the private charging solution they opt for is of a high standard and that they are protected. This confidence will in turn win more business for EVCC Affiliates, such as INDRA, as well as the installers they work with.
Affiliates and members of EVCC will also receive a range of ongoing benefits, including:
• Exclusive access to products and services, such as the EVCC approved model documents, guidance, and training.
• Assistance in developing training resources to include EVCC and relevant Consumer Protection Legislation.
• EVCC news, industry updates, and marketing opportunities.
Read more about becoming an EVCC affiliate here.
Ben Kelsey, Chief Operating Officer at INDRA said:
“INDRA are delighted to be EVCC Affiliates and fully support the activity EVCC undertakes to ensure the industry has a high level of standards and compliance with the code.”
Virginia Graham, Chief Executive of Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd said:
“I am delighted to welcome INDRA to the growing number of EVCC Affiliates and members.
“By becoming an Affiliate of EVCC, INDRA is demonstrating a commitment to not only providing its customers with convenient and fast EV charging solutions, but also making sure its customers are protected by the Code when they make their purchase.
“Boosting consumer confidence and close working with innovators such as INDRA is essential if we are to scale this industry and achieve the government’s goal to end the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.”
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Notes to editors:
INDRA was founded on a mission to create the smartest way to power EVs, through intelligent EV chargers that are easy to understand, install and use. Made in the UK and already installed in over 4,000 home and commercial locations worldwide, INDRA has created a range of innovative EV Chargers that offer more convenient, reliable and faster EV Charging capability.
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