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OLEV announce important changes to the EV Homecharge Scheme.

General Posted: 3 September, 2020. Written by Lorraine Haskell

OLEV announced on 1 September important changes to the EV Homecharge Scheme.


The changes aim to address feedback and make the grant application process easier and faster. OLEV have been working to address the current delays processing applications. At current, DVLA are processing applications within 30 working days. Installers should be paid within 30 working days from application submission. 


Changes to the EVHS does not mean that standards of install and customer service should fall. There is now even more a need for EVCC and for installers to abide by it and ensure high standards are maintained. 


Immediate changes


  • Removal of the requirement to submit a V5C.
    • You will only need to submit the vehicle details and registration number. DVLA will validate these details internally.
  • Removal of the requirement for a delivery date for vehicles on order and the requirement that an installation must not be more than 4 months ahead of delivery. You will only need to submit evidence that vehicles are on order.
  • Removal of the requirement that customers inform the DVLA when vehicles ordered have been delivered
  • Removal of the requirement for separate photographs of chargepoints and their serial numbers.
    • You will only be required to provide one photograph that clearly shows the property, the off-street parking and the installed chargepoint.  
    • Where the property and the off-street parking cannot be clearly displayed in a photograph, you will need to provide a photograph showing the off-street parking and the installed chargepoint and title deeds which demonstrate that the parking is linked to the property.
  • OLEV’s electronic signature guidance has been discontinued.
    • You may now provide any electronic or paper form of signature for both yourselves and your customers.
  • Simplification of the cost breakdown table
    • You will only need to supply the cost for the installation once, with a breakdown for the associated costs for the chargepoint; any additional equipment; and labour.
  • Removal of the need to be approved by a manufacturer to install their equipment
    • The equipment installed must be on the OLEV approved equipment list
  • Removal of the 1st October 2016 cut off for vehicles to be eligible for the scheme. Any new installation for a customer with a vehicle purchased prior to this date will now qualify for the scheme.


An updated grant application form is now available. Installers should use this for future applications, though all applications that follow the current guidance and use V2.3 and V2.4 grant application forms will still be accepted.


These rules will be applied to current applications, so no action is required for applications already submitted.




Where DVLA have rejected an application and asked you for more information, please do provide a re-submission with all the required information. Resubmission deadlines should be ignored until further notice. 


If you have an enquiries for DVLA email them to


Future changes


OLEV will update the EVHS and WCS guidance to reflect the above changes.