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PRESS RELEASE: EVCC announces partnership with Smartly

General Posted: 9 August, 2022. Written by Lorraine Haskell

EVCC announces partnership with Smartly

  • Smartly will become the Electric Vehicle Consumer Code for Home Chargepoints’ (EVCC) newest Affiliate
  • By becoming an EVCC Affiliate, Smartly is demonstrating its continued commitment to consumer protection, high standards and good practice
  • In return, Smartly will receive access to EVCC provided products, services and training. 
The EVCC has announced that Smartly has become the latest Affiliate of the Code. By becoming an Affiliate of EVCC, Smartly is demonstrating its commitment to working with its supply chain to ensure its installers meet the high consumer protection standards required by the Code.

Smartly is one of the UK’s top online suppliers of smart EV chargepoints, charging cables, and Solar Tiles for domestic and commercial use. Their mission is to help the UK public learn all about Electric Vehicles, EV Charging and Solar Power, and simplify the process of buying their products online. They only partner with manufacturers in Europe and manufacture their charging cables in the UK.  Smartly is very selective in the products it sells with its no compromise approach to supplying reliable and long-lasting products.

Ross Miller, Managing Director of Smartly said:

"Smartly is pleased to become an affiliate member of the EVCC. We are a carbon neutral and sustainable UK family business, and we hold strong values when it comes to the products we sell and the customer care we provide. We look forward to giving customers peace of mind while helping them make buying decisions for their EV charging needs. We will also continue to provide top customer service, especially when support is needed for any issues that arise. We only partner with the very best brands to ensure the products and buying process are first class and stress free." 

Virginia Graham, Chief Executive of Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd said: 
“I am delighted to welcome Smartly to the growing number of EVCC Affiliates and members.
By becoming an Affiliate of EVCC, Smartly demonstrates a commitment to not only providing its customers with good quality EV charging solutions, but also making sure its customers are protected by the Code when contracting with a member to install their equipment.
Boosting consumer confidence and working closely with manufacturers and suppliers such as Smartly, is essential if we are to scale this industry and achieve the government’s goal to end the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.”
Affiliates and members of EVCC receive a range of ongoing benefits, including:
• Exclusive access to products and services, such as the EVCC approved model documents, guidance, and training.
• Assistance in developing training resources to include EVCC and relevant Consumer Protection Legislation.
• EVCC news, industry updates, and marketing opportunities.
Read more about becoming an EVCC affiliate here.
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Notes to editors:
About Smartly
Smartly manufacture their own charging cables in the UK and have partnered with some of the top chargepoint manufacturers to offer their equipment directly to consumers. They will also help consumers make the right choice.
For more information, visit:
About the EVCC
EVCC is a code helping manufacturers, suppliers and installers offer high standards of consumer protection, and empowering consumers by giving them the knowledge and confidence to opt for and invest in private charging. 
Consumers using an EVCC member to install their private chargepoint will benefit from:
1. Confidence in their installer - EVCC members are reputable, competent and qualified installers who will install a consumer's home chargepoint to a high standard
2. The highest standards of customer service - Consumers will not be pressurised into a sale and will be dealt with politely and quickly
3. Safeguards - Consumers will receive clear and fair paperwork, with all the relevant protections
4. A considered design and personal service - Consumers will receive a site survey to check the adequacy of their property, as well as help with deciding on a suitable location for your chargepoint
5. Help should things go wrong - Consumers will have the reassurance that any complaints should be resolved speedily and effectively
For more information, visit: